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“… a thrilling psychological work … Catching the current vogue of teen psycho and revenge tales like Bates Motel and 13 Reasons Why … a horrifically brilliant book … Beau Devereaux could have easily been a clichéd psycho, but the plot constructed around him and his development during the novel really shone as a masterpiece of character creation … much in the style of Dexter or Hannibal.” ~K.C. Finn, Multi-Award-Winning Author

“… a book that every teenage girl should read.”

Death by the River is the kind of skin-crawling, queasy-feeling-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach story that needs to be told and demands to be read. Weis and Astor capture Beau Devereaux’s deplorable misogyny and psychotic tendencies with a delicate grace that makes the story captivating while still coating you in that icky feeling that doesn’t wash off in the shower. Every woman has known a man like Beau Devereaux, and if you haven’t, well it’s probably because you didn’t know you did. [It’s] the type of cautionary tale that keeps you alive by reminding you that sometimes the biggest horrors aren’t the monsters hiding under the bed or the ones that exist somewhere else in the world, but the ones hiding in plain sight. And the best way to beat them? Bring them out in the light and expose them.” ~Seven Jane

“Rare is the story that simmers and rises to a boil so naturally and constantly that the reader manages to be repeatedly shocked … a full-speed rollercoaster that doesn’t slow down until the final page. Employing an evocative setting, powerfully defined characters, and taking along hard look at the darker side of human desire, this novel will catch your breath and hold it until the very end. RECOMMENDED” ~Michael Radon, US Review

“Weis and Astor have written a riveting crime tale with strong psychological underpinnings. Death by the River is ingeniously plotted, written in gorgeous prose, and featuring a strong conflict that propels the narrative forward. The suspense intensifies as the story moves on, with the reader always feeling as though something awful could happen at any moment, and this feeling grows in intensity until the explosive climax. A real thriller!” ~Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite

“I needed to be in the headspace to absorb the darkest of humanity, and the ways that woman are preyed upon in youth. Those two themes, which feel so of the moment in the age of True Crime and the confrontation of rape culture in the mainstream of our socio-political consciousness, play heavy in the novel, but at the same time, the path of the story follows a path of entertainment that is undeniably in the mold of Teen fiction from the late 1990s. The writing is smart and flowing with hints of Carson McCullers and William Faulkner influences, while still being approachable by upper-range YA readers. The moments when we are given Dark Beau are incredibly painful to read, which only makes the way the story takes on elements of revenge more satisfying … Lines like, “Why was hurting her so much fun?” need a trigger warning, maybe many many trigger warnings, but at the same time, it is a story that goes into depths of character and situation that allow a reader to find the light waiting at the end of the tunnel. There are elements to the story that will be painful to many, and lo to the person who goes into this blind, but if you know, then there is much to discover and it is strong indeed.” ~ Christopher Garcia, Hugo Award Winner

“Weis and Astor have created something so dark, edgy, and gritty, it will stay with you long after you close the book.” ~Julieanne Lynch, Dragon Award Finalist: Horror (2018)

“… a crime thriller that pulls readers into the twisted mind of the protagonist and holds them engaged till the exhilarating finish. The writing is flawless … Death by the River is psychologically engaging, emotionally rich, and utterly absorbing.”~ Christian Sia

“While the authors have written a chilling story here, there’s more to Death by the River than thrills. It’s actually a fascinating study into the effects of good and bad parenting on children. Do it badly and parents, children and society as a whole pay the consequences. This book is not just an exciting read; it’s a sobering one.” ~Viga Boland, Retired high school English teacher and Author of No Tears for my Father: Viga’s true story of incest

“ … Beau Devereaux steals the show as what I imagine Ted Bundy was like in high school … While Beau serves as the twisted teenage antagonist, there is still sympathy to be had for someone who obviously grew up in an environment more terrifying that the heinous crimes he commits. Weis and Astor have the ability to paint vivid pictures of interesting characters, a backwoods Louisiana setting where secrets lie along the river, and a story line that is not only fun to read, but highly thought-provoking … some of the scenes have an absolutely sinister and disturbing feel … Great book! The authors really GO there!”