That Night with You
Cover To Covers Series Book 4

Madison Barnett spent one night with a stranger that changed her life forever. But when she takes a job at Parr and Associates as their newest architect, Madison has no idea that the stranger she has spent five years trying to forget is about to walk right back into her life. And what she hoped would be a fresh start turns into a perplexing dilemma. Soon Madison’s life is sent into a tailspin as she tries to juggle the demands of her controlling boss, Hayden Parr, with her persistent desires for her long lost sexy stranger. Then, just when she thinks all hope is lost, everything changes. Madison embarks on an education in the art of pleasure that began five years ago in the bed of the man who captured her heart. But there is one little catch… When fantasies become reality, passion can turn addictive in…That Night with You.