A Twisted Tale You Won’t Soon Forget

One of Apple’s Most Anticipated Books in Mysteries & Thrillers, River of Ashes is a Southern Gothic psychological thriller that is as unsettling as it is unforgettable. The story centers around the sleepy town of St. Benedict, Louisiana, situated along the Bogue Falaya River. On the weekends, the local high school students hang out at the river by an abandoned abbey. where wild dogs roam the woods along with ghostly sightings of a lady in white that makes your spine tingle.

High school senior and head cheerleader Dawn Moore has a problem. She’s crazy about her star quarterback boyfriend, Beau Devereaux. He’s rich, popular, and the catch of the parish.

Her twin sister, Leslie, however, doesn’t share Dawn’s sentiments. Leslie knows there’s something wrong with Beau and urges her sister to stay away from him. Beau’s parents are aware of his problem and use their money and power to keep their family secret from the residents of St. Benedict. But how long can they hide the monster Beau has become?

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