The Chimera Effect


By Alexandrea Weis with Lucas Astor
Release Date: September 2020
(Vesuvian Books)

After a long shift in the ER, Dr. Keenan Blythe returns home to find his pregnant wife brutally murdered and his thirteen-year-old daughter gone without a trace.

The emotional trauma catalyzes a chain reaction within his body, opening the door to visions of heinous crimes, so vivid they seem real, but they can't be.

Only they are …

Keenan begins interacting with his visions, trying to save the victims, but finds himself helpless to intervene. Suspended from his job amid rumors he murdered his wife, he begins to question his sanity until he uncovers the secret to his strange ability: the Chimera Gene.

Determined to use this rare twist of fate to protect the innocent and find his daughter, he tips the scales of justice in his favor. But Keenan is playing a dangerous game with fate. Somehow he will have to master a precarious balance between clemency and revenge if he is to ever stand a chance of getting his daughter back.


Chimera Effect Scientific Definition: A genetic Chimerism or Chimera is a single organism composed of cells from different zygotes. This can result in male and female organs, two blood types, or subtle variations in form.

Logline: An ER doctor decimated by violence is haunted by visions of brutal crimes, and, with the help of a Creole, New Orleans detective, becomes a vigilante for justice out to discover who destroyed his family—and why.

Description: Dr. Keenan Blythe is an emergency room physician in New Orleans. The only twin to survive at birth, he is carrying the DNA of his dead twin in his cells. People with “ghost genes” have varying special abilities. For Keenan, he will become a new kind of hero. The Chimera Effect is a character-driven, sci-fi thriller that closely follows Blythe, who returns home late one evening to find his wife and unborn son murdered, and his 13-year-old daughter missing. Detective Nadia Touchet is assigned to his case and immediately senses a special ability in Keenan, something he has not recognized yet … then everything changes. Nadia introduces Keenan to a professor who has studied the “Chimera Effect.” The professor helps Keenan learn to control (and interact with) the visions that were triggered by his recent trauma. While on the hunt for his daughter, he is led to the dark syndicate responsible for her abduction, but what his daughter learns while under their influence will ultimately make her a powerful weapon against all opposing forces—including her father.

Series: Hoping to harness the highly prized ghost genes, a secret organization has collected those with chimeric abilities for decades, hoping to capitalize on the untapped ability of many chimeras. But they have a sinister purpose for Keenan and his daughter. The result of years of genetic manipulation by his father’s family, Keenan is the strongest chimera ever encountered. Keenan’s attempts to connect with his daughter will be a constant struggle because of the relentless torment used by her captors to unleash the power of her ghost genes. But Keenan will grow stronger as well, developing his abilities and challenging his daughter’s captors.

The series will eventually pit father against daughter while exposing a network of chimeric operatives around the world. Chimeras are real, and they can change the course of the human race.