Deliciously Disturbing and Addictive Sequel to ‘River of Ashes’


What's it About?
Big secrets are uncovered in a small town, where murder, deceit and dark pasts are found on a regular basis.

Hardcore readers will understand when I say that every now and then we may stumble upon a book series that can only be described as literary crack. What happens on those occasions? Personally, I binge-read the series until I can’t see straight, obsess over the plot, characters, writing style, etcetera. Basically, that book series becomes my entire personality until further notice.

Fortunately, I can name all the times my obsessiveness with a book series has happened on two hands, but that only means one thing: Truly iconic, memorable book series are a rarity. The St. Benedict series is one such rarity, and River of Wrath (Vesuvian Books), the second installment of the series, is even better than the first book!

A deliciously disturbing and addictive series that can only be described as literary crack. ~Monique Snyman

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