Otherwordly Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere and varies from writer to writer. For me, the eerie influences of New Orleans have created the ghosts, voodoo tales, and twisted characters appearing in many of my novels. The Magnus Blackwell Series with Lucas Astor is no different. What starts out as a ghost story, morphs into a thrilling supernatural series drenched with all … Read More

Advice for New Writers

Keep writing. It seems simplistic, but the advice is solid and has put me where I am today. I view creativity as a muscle. You need to use it. The process can seem slow in the beginning, making it difficult to find your voice. But discovery only comes through practice, a lot of it. Writing is all about the voice: … Read More

Surviving the Self-Publishing Ocean

Navigating the shark-infested, treacherous waters of the self-publishing world can be daunting to even the most experienced of writers. When setting your sights on this endeavor, I suggest you sit back and take a full accounting of where you want to go, and why you want to do this. Having a plan is necessary, but cannot involve the number of … Read More

How to Make Characters Believable

I continually strive to make my sure my characters resonate with readers. After all, that is what makes any story memorable. Whether a movie, television show, or novel, the characters propel the story along. But putting people on paper can be difficult. You have to relay idiosyncrasies readers can understand. Ticks, personal gestures, the way someone walks or talks, or … Read More

The Mystery That is New Orleans

  There are cities that conjure tingles when referenced for their mystique and romance. London, Paris, and New York all bring a smile to the faces of many, but for me, nothing can compare to the sultry breezes and intriguing architecture of New Orleans. Steeped in history, mystery, and a whole lot of sin, it is one of the most … Read More

How New Orleans Honors the Day of the Dead

The blending of cultures in New Orleans has left a myriad of different traditions ingrained in the eccentric psyche of the city. Perhaps the most profound occur around Halloween where the Catholic, Voodoo, Irish, and French influences converge. Celebrations for the dead begin days before the fall of Halloween. We have events such as the Day of the Dead Parade, … Read More

Why Paranormal Tales?

I am often asked why I write paranormal books with my blend of New Orleans voodoo, ghosts, and all things creepy. I have to blame my love of the otherworldly on my upbringing in New Orleans. I was raised in a French Quarter cottage where ghosts were very much a way of life. We would often commiserate with neighbors as … Read More

The Birth of a Story

Stories come from the ebb and flow of my imagination. I am not big on outlines, and even when I do have one, I never stick to it. I like to see where the story and the characters take me. I often find when writing I listen to my creative muse. Even when working with Lucas Astor on Blackwell, the … Read More